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The Rochester Academy of Medicine Advances Learning,

Encourages Service, and Initiates Collaboration in the Communities We Serve.  

RAoM Consortiums support Interprofessional Leadership around specific topics. 

Lyon Society Level

  • Dr. Lawrence and Rita Chessin*
  • Dr. Sidney and Barbara Sobel*
  • Dr. Anthony and Norma Leone*
  • Dr. J. Richard and Natalie Ciccone*
  • Dr. Marilyn R. Brown*
  • Dr. James and Rita Haley*
  • Dr. William M. Valenti
  • Dr. Leway Chen & Dr. Marilyn Ling*

*All Lyon, Rogers, and 1441 Society members are also Lifetime members.

Rogers Society

  • Dr. Margie Hodges Shaw and Mr. Brian Shaw*
  • Dr. Leslie and Lisa Lange*
  • Dr. Ralph P. Pennino*
  • Dr. Stephanie Brown-Clark*

1441 Society

  • Dr. Rae-Ellen Kavey and Dr. Lester Friedman*
  • Dr. Richard Sterns
  • Deborah Stamps

Lifetime Member

  • Dr. Kathy and Jeffery Rideout
  • Rochester Police Association
  • Dr. Richard Miller
  • Dr. Carl Reynolds
  • Dr. Eric Dreyfuss
  • Dr. Gina Cuyler
  • Dr. Anthony Ragusa
  • Stephen & Sandy Marafino
  • Drs. Karan and Navjot Alag
  • Dr. Lisa A. Smith
  • Dr. T. Jeffery Dmochowski
  • Dr. Olle Jane ("OJ") Sahler
  • Mrs. Anita Bonanni
  • Dr. John Condemi
  • Dr. Richard S. Constantino
  • Dr. Stephen Ettinghausen
  • Dr. Laurence Guttmacher
  • Dr. Patrick Hopkins
  • Dr. Celia McIntosh
  • Dr. Gyorgy Tokar
  • Natalie Leblanc
  • Cheryl Bianchi
  • Dr. Robert Young
  • Dr. Richard Alweis
  • Jane Bennett
  • Linda Clark
  • Melanie Kredes
  • Suzana Makowski
  • Lainie Ross
  • Dr. Ravi Singh
  • Selma Mujezinovic
  • Lorin & Judith Gallistel

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For all other inquiries Please contact:

1441 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610 585-271-1314

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